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Evolution of School Mizugi, A Visual Overview by JP Magazine


A Japanese magazine recently reviews the history of  school mizugi (スク水).  The history can run across three generations.  You won’t expect the kind of differences across different eras.  Which of the generations will be your favorite?

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A Quick Glance at JP AV New Comers in August 2014


In this post, we will take a quick look at the new faces in JP AV scenes.  Please pardon me for the lack of English translation, if it matters.  Let’s cut it short and jump to the graphics…

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Swords & Poker Adventures, Essential Tips Before Getting Started


Swords & Poker Adventures is a recently published game by Konami on iOS/Android platform.  The game follows the same core concept of Swords & Poker developed by Gaia.  If you are getting started with this new game (while I don’t recommend this game due to annoyances), here are some critical tips you must know. 

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Classic characters transformed to moe girls in mobile game



The mobile game called Nepcolle《ネプテューヌコレクション》(aka ネプコレ)features moe girls who are transformed from familiar figures from gaming history.


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PS Vita still thriving at game store in Europe

To be more specific, it’s in Spain.  Rarely can you see such a dedication for Playstation Vita even in Japan…

psvita showcase europe

Sakura Spirit Review, more than eye-candy?

09 - kxOw8mv

Steam recently got blessed with a pre-hentai game featuring busty girls in revealing outfits.  But does it deliver?

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Top JP celebrities with sexy cleavage by Triumph



Triump International Japan has revealed the females’ voting results for the top celebrities with ideal cleavages.  The results are as follows…


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2013 Model Train Contest for Students in Japan


There are plenty of model train fans in Japan.  And in fact a contest about train models is held every year for students.  This competition last year is held for the fifth time.  The quality of the candidate entries is superb!  The schools may have sponsored these productions.  After all, the price for a simple train set can cost a lot of money, even for people at work.

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Miwako Kakei, 19-year-old busty JP girl


Picture Source:もきゅ速

Pictures are more appealing than a bulk block of text.  So today let’s share some photos of the popular gravure stars, Miwako Kakei.  She is only about 19, and she already gets H-cup (well, according to the media).  It’s uneasy not to attract immense attention with her young and seductive body.

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Another nitro super sonico figure is coming

There is never enough for a new release of nitro super sonic.  This time in sexy swimsuit.  The Amazon date indicates 2014/4/30 for release.



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