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Comiket 86 Cosplay Photos Compilation

While Comiket 86 (i.e. Comic Market C86) is over, the event has delivered plenty of eyeful cosplay photos. Up for grab is a collection of 350+ pics of high quality cosplay photos, collected from the web. Hope you can enjoy! More will deliver depending on response.

Some preview photos for immediate salvation (shrinked to reduce bandwidth):

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C86 Cosplay Compilation

An eyeful preview of photos of the cosplayers in C86. 

Kantai Collection Cosplay by Remika Tachibana



Kantai Collection [艦隊これくしょん] is one of the most popular web-based games released back in April.  The game features a mix of strategy and moe elements.  With its immense popularity, a lot of cosplay pics have come up.  Today, let’s take a look at the cosplay art by 橘れみか (Remika Tachibana).

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