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Most Wanted Community Manager, According to Online Poll


A female community manager tends to be fantasized as a goddess to support the whole community in school.  Such a unique presence is easily a dream among youngsters.  A Japanese site recently has carried out a poll on the ideal community manager.  Which favorite JP stars will be on the list? Check out…

10th 島崎遙香 Haruka Shimazaki

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Evolution of School Mizugi, A Visual Overview by JP Magazine


A Japanese magazine recently reviews the history of  school mizugi (スク水).  The history can run across three generations.  You won’t expect the kind of differences across different eras.  Which of the generations will be your favorite?

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Top JP celebrities with sexy cleavage by Triumph



Triump International Japan has revealed the females’ voting results for the top celebrities with ideal cleavages.  The results are as follows…


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Kanna Hashimoto, moe level at max


People always complain about pedophile creepy; but in some situations, it can be understandable.  Kanna Hashimoto is only 14 and she’s already gaining popularity among fans, making even HKT48 shy away…

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