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September New Faces in JP AV field

Source: DMM

While students have to pack up their school bags in September, the field never stops in Japan.  Apparently the genre is quite similar this time.

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JP Blow-up Doll More Realistic Than Ever


Evolution of sex doll has reached a new level.  Orient Industry is the leading manufacturer, and their love doll series are well-known.  Now, an online poster discovered this newly-released doll from Orient Industry – it looks way too similar to a JP idol, Satomi Ishihara…

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Twitter Graced by AV Idols’ Selfies



Sometime ago, there was an idol club on Twitter featuring selfies from gravure stars.  Now, the limit has come to a new height.  And, it all began with a twitter user who started the idea of AV selfies club(AV女優自画撮り部)…

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Now on Sale – Hardcore Entries from AV Open 2014


Photos source:av-open

Submissions for “heavy grade” to the AV Open 2014 in Japan are now available for sale since 1st August 2014.  While the sales are picking up, the winners will be announced on 7th October, 2014.  Let’s take a look at what you will expect from this grade…


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A Quick Glance at JP AV New Comers in August 2014


In this post, we will take a quick look at the new faces in JP AV scenes.  Please pardon me for the lack of English translation, if it matters.  Let’s cut it short and jump to the graphics…

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Ryo Tsujimoto’s new AV debut against…titans?



Scheduled to be released later this month.  There are many similar cosplay-oriented productions, but it’s still uncertain about its relevance with the story…




from: mens-now