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Miwako Kakei, 19-year-old busty JP girl


Picture Source:もきゅ速

Pictures are more appealing than a bulk block of text.  So today let’s share some photos of the popular gravure stars, Miwako Kakei.  She is only about 19, and she already gets H-cup (well, according to the media).  It’s uneasy not to attract immense attention with her young and seductive body.

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The subtle charm of Sukumizu

If you are familiar with JP anime, you may notice the unusual popularity of Sukumizu.  You won’t typically find it in real life.  Sukumizu refers to Japanese school ladies’ swimsuit. 

To better bring the appeal of Sukumizu to real life, a photographer in China has taken a series of photos related to Sukumizu.  The model is kurochan.



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