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Sakura Spirit Review, more than eye-candy?

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Steam recently got blessed with a pre-hentai game featuring busty girls in revealing outfits.  But does it deliver?

First of all, let’s take a look at the story from steam extract:

Rising Judo Star, Gushiken Takahiro, was about to have the match that would make or break his career in two weeks. A championship match where the winner is then signed up to be a young national athlete for Japan. He was very determined to win, in order to fulfill his dreams of finally representing his country for a sport he loves so much.

He was prepared and ready, but that doesn’t stop him from being nervous for his upcoming battle. With the suggestion of his friends and classmates, he goes to a shrine that was rumoured to grant any wish or prayer. He poured all the coins from his already full coin bank into the offering box and made his prayer. After praying, he becomes dizzy and nauseous and eventually faints. When he woke up, he was already in an ancient place he didn’t recognize.

While searching for a way back to his village, he stumbles upon two girl wielding swords chasing after two… foxgirls? He questions his brain at first, but then follows them, only to be caught in on their shenanigans as well.

Who are these girls and are they involved on Takahiro’s arrival to this new world? Will he ever get back to his home place and timeline just in time for his match? Or will he be stuck there forever?

While the story sounds compelling, the whole game is actually a visual novel with no options at all.  The biggest selling point is the seductive CG art.  The game lasts for about an hour when you are natural in reading the dialogues.  Sound about right for a novel.

However, restricted by the Steam’s policy, the pics in-game are family-friendly.  Some complain about the grammatical errors, but I think they could be intentional as part of the character’s speaking style.  If you look for a game that requires least effort and delivers an erotic experience in anime style, this could be a thing.  Fans have posted numerous pictures in the community hub.  Check them out if you’re interested.

The game currently is retailed at US$9.99, and right now steam is offering 25 % off.  Click here to visit the Steam store page…

More eye-candy scenes to wrap up…

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