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Evolution of School Mizugi, A Visual Overview by JP Magazine


A Japanese magazine recently reviews the history of  school mizugi (スク水).  The history can run across three generations.  You won’t expect the kind of differences across different eras.  Which of the generations will be your favorite?



Of course, a youthful model with seductive body cannot be missed out!


Year 1970~1980

It is dressed like a short skirt in the past.


Year 1980~1990

Gradually replace the skirt and trim away the shoulder fabrics.q6CRop_akqaVp6o

More like wearing a mini short.


And the prediction for 4th generation by the magazine is more ambitious…


It cannot be more serious…

Guess you may want to anxious know about the busty girl.  She is Amaki Jun 天木じゅん.


Anyway, what happens with the flipped cover…

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If the photos still fail to quench your thirst, here is an animated form of the demonstration…

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